messageinabottleThe premise behind the Snail Mail Project is to make letter writing as much of a habit as say… brushing my teeth or making my bed. However, I have also found tons of posts out in the blog world about fun things that you can mail and I have some silly friends who totally appreciate opening their mailbox to find strange items with notes written on them.

I learned via Giver’sLog blog’s happy mail series that you can mail almost anything via the US Postal Service that are 13 oz. or less without a box or envelope (you may remember from this post that she mailed a flip flop with a letter written on it – genius!).

That inspired my next idea -

a snail mail swap!

Everyone loves getting something fun in the mailbox so whether you’ve made your own snail mail commitment or your cute stationery has been sitting in a box gathering dust, this is a fun way for you to get in on the project. But for this swap we’re not going to do just any old snail mail – we’re going to take advantage of that little 13 oz. rule for some extra fun.



WHO: You & any Sweet Tea fans who would love some happy mail in your mailbox

WHAT: Create a Message In A Bottle  by packing a small soda or water bottle with 13 oz. or less of goodies and a letter.  Let your creativity go wild! You can come up with a theme or just stuff it with goodies you think your partner will love. Stamp the bottle and drop it in the nearest USPS blue box. I’ll even let you know how many stamps to put on it based on the weight of your bottle or you can see the look of confusion and humor on the face of your local postal worker when you mail it in person.

WHERE: Send your message in a bottle to your assigned swap partner & they’ll mail one to you, too! I’ll send you their address when swap partners are assigned.

Now until Friday, January 18th – Sign up to be part of the swap
Monday, January 21st – Swap partners are announced
Monday, February 4th – Deadline to mail your Message in a Bottle to your partner


Sign ups are closed for the swap.


Grab the Message In A Bottle Swap button below and share it on your blog or Facebook page

To grab the button, copy this code:

<a href=""> <img alt="" src="" width="240" height="240" /></a>


SNAIL MAIL PROJECT: DAY 22, 23, & 24 OF 365

You may remember awhile back I sent my husband a candygram at work (here’s the original post). These large boxes of candy are less than 13 oz. and perfect for mailing because the weight is posted right on them. People thought it was such a cute idea that I decided to do another round of candygrams.

These three candygrams went to wonderful friends from school. Two of the recipients are girls I went to graduate school with at Wake Forest (Go Deacs!) and we became good friends over many, many late nights studying. The third recipient was my housemate for three years during my undergrad years at NC State (Go Pack!). I knew these sweet college friends would enjoy a sweet treat.


photo credit: bottle

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